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Gin is evergreen.

The best autumnal and winter gins for 2018. (In our humble opinion).

Winter is creeping upon us and the nights are drawing in. Whilst most of us will reach for a cool, creamy glass of baileys, or a rich and silky red wine, we’ll be reaching for the gin cabinet.

Most think of gin as being a staple summer drink; fill your class with plenty of ice, a generous amount of seasonal fresh fruit and a zingy gin, then sit back and enjoy in the sunshine. Many mistakenly think that gin goes no further than this, but we can confirm, it has glorious hidden depths that are just waiting to be explored. From woody, spicy flavours, to dark and fruity gins which can even be enjoyed warm! (Yes, you read that right.) We can elaborate on that one on another post, but for now, we want to open your eyes to the world of wonderfully warm, wintery gins.

You needn’t run out and restock your gin cupboard either (like you needed an excuse!). Many of these are already steady favourites, which means your gin selection won't be neglected in winter. We have compiled a list of our top 5 cockle warming gins that will see you through the cold, blustery nights. 

Bathtub Gin


One of our all time favourites. It’s warm and creamy, with a heavy juniper taste, perfectly balanced with festive flavours such as cinnamon, orange peel and cloves. Like a Christmas cake in a gin. Is that too weird? We recommend serving this woody, smooth gin with Double Dutch Indian tonic and a stick of cinnamon. 

Mulled Cranberry and Tangerine gin

Tarquin's - Limited Edition

This festive gin really can convert a scrooge into a Christmas lover after one sip. It's infused with plenty seasonal spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger which are perfectly juxtaposed with tart cranberries and tangerine. This gin really is Christmas in a bottle. It makes for a perfect after dinner tipple and could even replace a traditional Christmas pudding it's that delicious. (We have both. Why not, it's Christmas?) It's Limited Edition though, so grab it whilst you can! Drink alone with ice, or with Double Dutch Indian tonic and as many festive garnishes as you please. Buy here

Ophir Gin

Pronounced o-peer. (It's okay, it's a tricky one).

This gin really is like marmite, it has a long, warm finish with biting, earthy spices and a perfumed and peppery mouthfeel. It stands out from the crowd, with a perfect balance of spice from the coriander and Indian black pepper and a zingy freshness from the orange and grapefruit. We recommend serving with Double Dutch Indian tonic and a twist of ginger. If you’re feeling particularly festive, try serving with a premium ginger ale, it won't disappoint.

Monkey 47 Dry Gin

No, it doesn't contain Monkey.

This unusual spirit gets its name from the daring 47 botanicals that make up a healthy 47% ABV gin. It isn't for the faint hearted, however the concoction of ingredients certainly pays off as this is one of the most delicious gins on the market. If you are a true gin lover, we think this is the one for you. It's heavy and earthy, with notes of wood and pine, which are wonderfully balanced with hints of citrus and fruit. For autumnal perfection, serve with a sprig of sage and a premium tonic, or neat.

Sloe gin


Whilst sloe gin hasn’t been overly popular in 2018, we still reach for this ruby red delight as an autumnal favourite, it’s syrupy, dark and fruity with strong notes of plum and marzipan, which makes for a rich and inviting drink, perfect for cold nights in front of the fire. This gin is so good that it can be enjoyed on its own with a few cubes of ice, or with a premium lemon tonic such as Fever Tree Sicilian lemon.

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