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The best summer gins 2018

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

British Summertime is officially drawing to a close, but the balmy summer days just keep on coming. The summer of 2018 has been one to remember, not only for the seemingly never-ending heatwaves and BBQs, but for the quality gins released from distilleries across the world. We think there’s nothing better than a warm summer's day and an ice cold G&T in hand. We’re pretty clued up on our gins and love fresh, summery flavours like rhubarb and lemon paired with a premium tonic, plenty fresh fruit garnishes and lots of ice. We’ve narrowed down our favourites and put together a list of our top 5 best-loved summer gins that you need to try before the rainy days and dark nights arrive.

Whitley Neill Rhubarb and Ginger

This fresh, sweet Gin absolutely epitomises a quintessentially British summer. Strong notes of rhubarb and a subtle bite of ginger create a mouth-watering flavour that is difficult to beat. Pair with Schweppes Canada Dry Ginger Ale, a wedge of lime and views of a Devonshire sunset for our undisputed favourite summer drink.

Malfy Gin Rosa

Malfy gin has produced another flavour to add to their collection and it doesn't disappoint. This gin really is Italian sunshine in a glass, made with sun ripened Sicilian grapefruits and rhubarb, Initially this gin greets you with a sweet and tangy punch of grapefruit, followed by the classic, long juniper finish. It is perfectly balanced, wonderfully flavoured and is sure to quench your thirst even on the hottest of summer days. We mix this gin with Double Dutch Indian tonic, a wedge of grapefruit (preferably Sicilian!) and a sprig of rosemary.

Gin O’ndina

Gin O'ndina is another winning gin to come from Italy. Only released in 2018, it was love at first sip. Featuring 19 Italian botanicals, it is enjoyably savoury with hints of fresh basil, zesty citrus and pepper. This gin is refreshingly light and herbaceous and is best enjoyed with Fevertree Mediterranean tonic and lemon peel. Just close your eyes and allow yourself to be transported to Portofino with the sunshine on your face.

JJ Whitley Violet Gin 

Violet has been the flavour of the summer, with many distilleries putting their own twist on the distinctive and unique gin pairing. This gin boasts a healthy 8 botanicals, including liquorice, Angelica root and soft scents of juniper. It is sweet and delicate and fills us with nostalgia and memories of our childhoods. This heavenly, fragrant gin is good enough to be enjoyed neat over ice, but if you're a fan of a classic G&T, we opt for Double Dutch Indian tonic and a squeeze of fresh orange.

Malfy Lemon 

Malfy con limone just had to be in our top 5. It's the gin that we always turn to, with its zesty lemon sherbet mouthfeel and punchy juniper finish. It is perfectly balanced between tart, sweet and dry and features pink grapefruit and orange peel which accentuate the lingering citrus flavour. This is a great gin to sip slowly whilst watching the world go by; preferably somewhere along the Italian Riviera. We love to pair this with Double Dutch Slimline tonic and a sprig of thyme.

A gin tasting session for The Tipple Team.
Gin tasting

Our summer 2018 gin collection
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